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Sun of Wolf is a love letter to our origins. We take inspiration from the flavors of our childhood in Jalisco, the eclectic cuisine of Mexico City, as well as in the kitchens of our mothers and grandmothers here in the Bay Area. The soul of this project lies in our vision for a new dawn of community gatherings and strength in Family.

 We take pride in our ability to provide you with warm, sincere hospitality and showcase our unique, seasonally inspired menu executed by our talented Chefs, Efrain Montano & Paulina Sol. The foundation for each dish comes from locally sourced ingredients, fresh hand pressed tortillas, house-baked bread, and high quality produce.

Whether you are amongst friends, family, or loved ones–we invite you to come gather, celebrate, and convivir in this intimate space that we have carefully crafted and imbued with good spirit. 


Come join us for a cocktail–or two, and stay to experience the magic that happens when you set a beautiful table! 


With all our love,

~ Alexa, Victor, Paulina & Camila Sol 

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